Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Off the hook

After making all those hats for Christmas presents, I felt like I needed to gain a little more knowledge about hat making - specifically on the increasing / decreasing part when doing the crown of the hat. So, I took a look at the clases offered by my LYS (Northwest Handspun Yarns and they had an "Earflap Hat" class that sounded interesting. We had a little problem getting started because of postponments from snowy weather, and after the first session, I ended up being the only person in the class, so I had great conversation with Deb, the instructor, who is also in my spinner guild, about spinning for crocheting and how to read patterns etc., and I had brought my new magazine issue from Interweave Crochet (the same people who bring us Spin Off and Interweave Knits, plus a whole host of (would you believe about 30) other magazines!?) So we spent a bit of time going over all the patterns in the magazine - talking about materials and "tools".

I wanted to make this hat for myself. I have a wonderful winter hat - an ear muff style hat made from sheep skin - I love it, but it does kind of look like I have a squirrel on my head - and I don't always want to carry it around, for fear that I might lose it. I also have a large head - I've never been able to buy a hat "right off the rack" - they are always too small. Well this one is made "just for me" - and it fits perfectly - all the way up to over my twisted hair bun on the top of my head, but - I'm only letting you see the back of it, because The Shepherd says it makes me look like a big gnome.

Here's a picture of what it looks like laid out flat - I did put the chains down the front, because it just didn't hang right with out them, BUT, I do, however reserve the right to refuse to put a tassle on the top. I think I have enough yarn left over that I might make a pair of fingerless gloves. (in my spare time...)


Sharrie said...

Nice hat, but I really don't want to think about warm hats right now. I made a similar one for my son's wife. They are cute!

Nancy K. said...


We happen to love Gnomes....


Donna said...

Well I think your hat looks great- that is cool that you can crochet them to fit you and your bun perfectly!

Franna said...

Great Hat! Don't you love the custom fit you get with your own work?

Gnome, hah! I wore my favorite handspun, handknit bonnet style hat to an agility trial a couple weeks ago, and was called an Amish peasant lady! It's a good laugh.

- Franna

Kathy said...

Hey! Aren't we of an age where we can wear whatever we darned well please? :)
I think it looks great! the Scandinavian elves will have everything to be jealous of! :)