Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Three Beautiful things, courtesy of The Shepherd/Landscaper

Some pretty pictures of our church.

As part of his service to the church, The Shepherd, who is a professional landscaper, does our gardening.

A previous member made the trellis.

My girlfriend did the stained glass work.

Pretty, huh?  

The front & side of the building.  The roses are especially beautiful this year. 

And a quiet place for people to meditate.

The wooden pillar behind the bench is called a kopjafa. It is a memorial pole and was made for us by our partner church in Transylvania.  It is a treasure.



Lilylou said...

Lovely, Tina! Give The Shepherd a hug for me!

vlb5757 said...

Just beautiful! Always thrilled to see Mr Shepherd/Landscaper's work. The stain glass is the perfect touch.

Kathy said...

Beautiful! I think your Shepherd's a keeper, Tina! :)