Sunday, August 04, 2013

Happy Sunny Sunday!

 The Shepherd, Outstanding in his Field...

He put a fence around it today because the critters are after his corn.  And they don't just pull of an ear, here or there, they pull up the whole darn plant, little buggers...

We went to an open house and potluck yesterday afternoon - he took our hostess a broccoli that was almost twice the size of this one.  She was so impressed that she put it in the center of the table.

I put 4 quart bags of broccoli in the freezer today.  It will be nice to put in soups and stir fry next winter.

I wish you could smell how sweet these sweet peas smell - truly delicious.  

And the coral runner beans are out producing his wildest dreams - I may try freezing some of them - maybe just a quart or two - that way, if they end up mushy, I won't have wasted too much  

Our Rose of Sharon is in full bloom!

I'm off to make cream of broccoli cheese soup for dinner.  I made 5 bean salad to take to my potlucks this weekend - I'll give you the recipe next week - it's the best I've ever made!  




Katnip Lounge said...

Fresh produce!!! You had me at broccoli.

vlb5757 said...

My heart just lept for joy. I love seeing the gardening and the flowers. We have never planted broccoli or anything like that. We have stuck to the basics, green beans, potatoes, gourds, onions, shallots, carrots, and tomatoes. I pulled out all of our beans today. When the beans start to make a J shape, they are pretty much done and they were at that point. Thanks for the veg pics and the lovely flower ones as well!

Leigh said...

Your garden looks fantastic! Absolutely gorgeous. I've never had my broccoli get that big. Definite broccoli envy going on over here.

Kathy said...

What a great garden! Even with all the rain we've gotten, ours pales in comparison. :)
I only wish we could grow corn...and not have rats with antlers eat it.
That gardener deserves a hug!