Monday, July 22, 2013

Tour de fleece remnants

 Tour de Fleece is over for 2013 - I have this bobbin of fingerling weight singles of CVM/Shetland blend - a birthday gift from our friend Yvonne   It's funny, when you just look at the bobbin, even in the light, you don't see the red or green hues, but they are very apparent in the photo.

This was some roving left over from my year's worth of Roving of the Month club.  I'm calling it "Lemon/Lime Sorbet"  

I think it will make a cute hat or some mittens.  It will go to the Farmer's Market with Donna & Tom  -  I need to get cracking and get it washed though, or the market will be done for the year! 

I have one more skein that I'm working on - pinkish lavender & lite blue with firestar (make's it sparkely)  I'll take pictures when It is done. 

I liked sitting down and spinning for a little while every evening, although I didn't get much else done.  So, I'm thinking Tues, Thurs & Saturdays - the biggest things is to be consistent, I think and build the habit.  We'll see, I guess.



Michelle said...

Yes, I agree, I wasn't as productive in other areas during the TdF, but I sure do love getting some spinning done! We just need parallel lives, so we can work in one, craft in one, and have time for all the other things in a third!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

It must give you a good feeling when you finish a project you've worked on.

Kathy said...

Beautiful, Tina!

I meant to do the Tour, but with my brother here, it was difficult to find the time, let alone the fibers I boxed up so he'd have room in the closet!