Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Caturday Report

 Hello effurry body and effurry kitty! Gracie here with this week's Caturday report!   Mummy says it has been San Diego weather here this week, what ever that means - (Lovely & warm - only rained once)    

 It was pretty busy at Mummy's Salt Mine - she said Friday was just a heck of a day. That sounds nice, don't you think?

(Actually people were acting like it was a full moon!)
So, today, I led Mummy on a wild goose chase around the farm so she would get out and have some exercise. 

She was being tempted by her string machine, but I convinced her that she needed to get out and smell the flowers. 

Like this pretty day lily that was a gift from a friend for her birthday last year.  Purple with a green inside - Quite splashy, don't you think...

So we walked a bit then she would find a chair and rest a bit.  Sheesh -

Well, it was warm and it was nice to find shady places to have a little time out. . 

The woolly boys were being shy and wouldn't come out of their little barn - but they finally got curious as to what Mummy was doing and came out to see. 

Elliott, the new guy (in front) seems to be getting along very well with his new BFF Frosty, and they were very polite and stayed back when The Shepherd went into their pen yesterday to do some maintenance (He was taking down the electric wire - they don't seem to be banging on things like the other woolly boys did and he was afraid that they would get it wrapped around themselves and get hurt - so he took it out.  We'll see how long that lasts....

We'd like you all to take a minute and send healing purrs and thoughts to Shadow, a kitty who lives with our friend Trish's parents in Tucson Ari-zona,  Shadow, a pretty little grey girl cat, had a very bad reaction to a "combo vaccine" and has been very very sick.  Georgie and I both got the sickies from our vaccines, so we feel very bad for Shadow and want her to get better soon. 

It must be kind of a common thing, because Mummy said the company that makes the shot medicine is picking up all of Shadow's V.E.T. bills - so they know that their stuff could make us kittehs sickie.  Hrumph - you'd think they'd work on that, or something. 

Anyhow, Shadow, like I said, we hope you gets better really soon!

This bell was rung during Mummy & The Shepherd's wedding to celebrate!  Now it lives in the front garden. 

The Shepherd has some very pretty flowers in his garden, don't ya think? 

Oh look Mummy, I'm maskerading as a pussy willow - ha ha ha ha.....

One of the reasons it was so busy at Mummy's Salt Mine is that a lot of people have been taking days off.  A couple of them have been sick with colds and Mummy is afraid she might have caught one of them.  She has been coughing a lot - but she slept a lot today trying to "head things off at the pass" - or so she said - she might have just been bein' lazy...

There was a bunch of little white butterflies flittering around the lavender - I tried catching one, but couldn't reach it because it flew up.  So I'm watching to see ifn another one comes along so I can catch it. 

That's about all there is for now.  Mummy is trying to decide if she can get 9 more posts in the next week so she can get to her 900th post by next Sunday.   Purrsonally, given her posting history, I think it's a pipe dream, myself - but who knows...

Until the next time - HAPPY TAILS effurry one! 

Love, your roving reporter, Gracie



Katnip Lounge said...

Gracie, such a good report! We're glad you dragged your Mom out for a toddle around the farm--maybe it will help stave off her cold. Summer colds are awful, Mommy says.

Thank you for purrayng for Shadow, she is getting better but it is taking too dang long. We agree that the drug company should improve their stuff.

Good luck with the flutterbys! they're tasty.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Interesting post. Cats and sheep. :) We're sorry Shadow is having such a hard time. We went by to leave a comment.

Kathy said...

Gracie, where are Georgie and Bela? Do they effur go out with you on Caturdays?

We hope Shadow is getting better and the company that makes the nasty shot gives your mummy back her moneys, too.

Moochie, L'il Rascal, Daisy, Europa and Mr. Shadow
in Airy Zona