Sunday, July 07, 2013

A Heartfelt Gift

I have been doing the monthly newsletter for my spinner guild, The Spindrifters for about four years now -

I enjoy doing it - you get to meet all the new people, and keep in touch with old friends.  And, you are always "in the know" -

So, I was surprised when I got an email from our guild president saying that she was sorry I had missed Dye Day because the guild members had made a present for me. 

Since she and her husband are landscaping customers of The Shepherd, she would send it home for me the next time he came over there to work.  So last Monday after dinner, he handed me this pretty bag.

Inside it was THIS -


The only place I could find to lay it out to take a picture was on our front deck - and then I still couldn't get a very good picture of the whole thing, so I've broken it down into bits. 

Bits of hand spun, woven, crocheted and knitted love and affection. 

And it came with a little envelope of the notes and cards that came with the squares before they were put together into my beautiful blanket. 

All the colors of the rainbow . . .

Thanks to everyone who had a hand in making it. 

I will treasure it. 


vlb5757 said...

What a lovely thoughtful gift. They did a great job!

Michelle said...

It is a treasure, Tina! And a fitting testament of how your friends treasure YOU. ;-)

Katnip Lounge said...

What a wonderful feeling, to inspire such a lovely gift!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

oh how fantastic! what a treasured gift they gave you....each little scrap filled with love. I like the last two the best....I bet it is nice and warm do you wash something like this?
Your Bella is a stunning cat and it seems to me that kitty was heaven sent special delivery from Sinda....
love and hugs to you sweet friends from the cozy cottage

Lilylou said...

What a lovely gift!