Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tour de Fleece

I have never participated in Tour de Fleece - a stash busting event by spinners over the same time period as the Tour de France (in fact the Tour de France people got so worried about their image that I heard they actually sent a nastygram to the Ravelry people saying cease and desist - like who isn't going to be able to tell the difference???)

Anyhow, I took stock of my "stash" before we headed to Eugene & Black Sheep Gathering last month.  No new stuff for me - I have MUCHO MUCHO stash - probably not as much as some - bur probably more than many - 6 or 7 large plastic tubs?

I didn't join any teams or anything but my Tour de Fleece goals for myself are:

#1 - spin at least one ounce of fiber a day - I have found that 2 ounces on each bobbin plies up to a FULL bobbin but I can generally fit it all on and then I have a 4 oz. skein with no breaks.

#2 - Keep a log of what I spin, how much the fiber cost, and how many yards I spun.

#3 - Spin nice enough yarn that our friends Donna & Tom will be comfortable offering it in their farm stand at the Bow Farmer's Market.-

So far I have three 4 ounce skeins - the third one is yellow & lime green - I'm calling it "Lemon/Lime Sorbet" - it's really pretty.

Well, It's late and I've got today's ounce yet to spin!  I'd better get busy!!   


vlb5757 said...

It looks like you are making good progress. As for the Tour de Fleece, it's not like you're making porn, you making yarn for Pete's sake. So silly they object.'s fiber porn or yarn porn. Never!

Michelle said...

Beautiful spinning as always, Tina! No embarrassment in offering THAT for sale!