Saturday, February 27, 2010

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming...


There are two of them here - a black ram lam with a little bit of white (kroonit marking) on the head - we're calling him Bode - He weights about 5.5 lbs.

The little black & white one only weighs 2.5 lbs. We're calling him Ewok (little, fuzzy & cute)

The Shepherd is nervous about this mom - Moni is the one who lost her lambs last year and then we almost lost her in the process - right now, she is not doing a very good "mom" job - he can't tell if she has let them nurse yet - I made a flying trip to the feed store to get some colostrum replacer - which they did take - so there will be trips out to the barn every couple of hours tonight for The Shepherd. When we sheared yesterday, they were only able to crutch her (removing the wool only from the crotch and around the udder) - she wasn't having any part of shearing!

Come on Moni - get to work!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Moni, Tina and the Shepherd! They are adorable! Moni better gets her act together soon. Bottle babies are a lot of work. (I am noticing a predominance of ram rams, but it is early, and I thing Ewok's cuteness makes up for it).

Tammy said...

Good Grief! You guys are way early for lambing...or maybe I'm just in denial?? What a wonderful start to your lambing season. I hope you get some little girlie lambs this year too. Heres hoping all goes well with the little ones and that Moni's mom instincts will kick in. Who is the daddy?

Michelle said...

LAMBS?!? It's February! How did you manage that? They should be of good size to show at Black Sheep if they are looking good; I know all the fees run up when you cross state lines, though. I sure hope I get one spotty this year.... Did Moni lamb before or after lambing?

Kathy said...

I sure hope Moni's hormones kick in and she gets busy with those babies. Keep in mind to give the lambs some time to straighten out from birthing - you may have a keeper there. Ewok would be welcomed in any flock as either ram or wether with all those marvelous spots!


Leigh said...

How wonderful! They are so cute! Hopefully the little family will settle down into a routine soon and all will be well.