Sunday, February 14, 2010

Let the Games Begin

We are located about 45 miles south of Vancouver, British Columbia where they are currently holding the 2010 Olympic games. It is exciting to be this close and sort of "be in" on all the excitement. Last week they had a ceremony when the Olympic flame came through Blaine's Peace Arch Park (undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parks in the state) and we have several athletes and performers from Washington State who are included in the games, including speed skater Apolo Anton Ono.

Even the local "Stone & Landscape" Supply has joined in the Olympic fever and put up their own version of the Olympic Inukshuk mascot.

I've got to say that the Canadians have done a wonderful job of including their Aboriginal peoples in the celebration of these games - I hope you got to watch the opening ceremonies - they were beautiful -

We've been busy - places to go - things to do and people to see - and after 20 years of working for others, and then being on unemployment for the last two months, The Shepherd has decided to make a leap of faith and start his own gardening business. It is called JP's Serenity Gardens. I am excited for him!

In the past month, we've seen Taiko Drummers and The Smothers Brothers - taken a trip to Oak Harbor for Chinese food and worked on getting the new business going and yesterday I went to my spinner guild meeting. Wait til you see what I brought back for The Shepherd!

One thing that I have to do is restrict Anonymous comments on my blog - I have been hit by spammers and I don't like it. Normally I have about 20-30 visitors a day - last week on one day I had over 100 visitors. Now, I can't say that they were all spammers, but the increase of Anonymous comments is suspicious. I'm hoping not to have to make you do the word recognition thing - hopefully just stopping the Anonymous comments will do the trick. We'll see.

Meanwhile, there are some cute dudes in skating outfits I've got to go watch.


Michelle said...

You've been quiet lately; good to see a post! I didn't realize how close you were to Vancouver. We've been watching some of the games; so inspiring. I'm taking part in the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics; thanks to that push I'll finally have my Aran vest!

Congrats and best wishes to John! May he have more work than he can handle (by just a wee little bit); I wish I could afford to hire him to come redo our entire landscape. Of course it would be rather pointless until Brian gets older . . . and we don't have dogs . . . . ;-)

thecrazysheeplady said...

We have been enjoying watching the olympics and seeing your beautiful part of the world. Enjoy!

Kathy said...

I can hardly wait to see "it"! (As I know what "it" is, I don't want to steal your thunder)
And I, like Michelle, hope John is overwhelmed by requests for his services.

Michelle said...

Oh-oh-oh! I bet I know what "it" is! Is it what Denise was working on???

Leigh said...

How fun to be so close to the Winter Olympics! We're oblivious this year, because we don't have TV. Too bad in a way, because the winter events are the ones I enjoy the most.

vlb5757 said...

Congrats on starting a new business. The pictures that you have posted here of your yard are so beautiful. I think the Shepherd will do well with his new business. Too bad you don't live closer to us. We could certainly use the input!

Sharon said...

Ian and I are enjoying the Olympics. I love having it right here on the West Coast. I prefer the winter events, and as a cross-country skier myself, just can't get enough of that event.