Friday, February 19, 2010

The Colors of February -

Normally February in our neck of the woods will have at least a week of this -

But not so this year -

We've had a LOT of this -

And the primroses were only a dollar a pot at the grocery store - I didn't have to beg too hard for The Shepherd to put together this pretty pot for the back porch.

Snowdrops remind me of growing up in Eastern Washington - they were the first little flowers to bravely poke their little heads out - up on the scab patches (the rocky non-farmable areas) there were yellow bells that looked just like snow drops - but they were... yellow...

The peonies are starting to grow

As is the columbine - and everywhere in town the cherry trees are beginning to blossom -
Suddenly it is looking like spring around here -

And of course there is nothing like a big red amaryllis to shout out the colors of February - This one was a gift from my spinning buddy Ellin - it had 8 big beautiful blooms.

So that's about it - mostly brown with little tufts of green showing through - everything is so "on it's way" to spring - I hope we don't get any unexpected freezing weather - that would not be good...

For Colors of February from all over the world, visit Life Looms Large -

Olympics Update - Been watching the snowboarders? Wow, those kids must have rubber bones - the women were taking some hard falls last night - all this nice weather that we've been having has played havoc with the snow venues - Didn't stop our American women Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso who took gold and silver in the Women's Downhill - they were flying down the slopes like they had wings.

Indoors tonight at the Pacific Coliseum was the Ice Dancing - what fun it is to watch!


Life Looms Large said...

Great colors!! I'm so impressed by all the places with flowers in February.

We've got a blanket of snow on the ground that we've had since early December. It's above freezing lately so hopefully I'll see bare ground pretty soon.

Thanks for showing your colors!


Kathy said...

Envy, envy, envy...

it's snowing here today. :(

And how is Ms. Shepherdess doing with her charges? Any complaints about the service yet? heeheehee

Leigh said...

I love your February colors! So much more cheerful than ours. Besides my daffodil though, I did notice two crocuses yesterday. So nice to see as heralds of spring.