Thursday, February 25, 2010

Places to go....

While many from our area have been going up to Vancouver BC to take in the 2010 Olympics, there are many fun places to go right here at home.

While you are on your way, you can stop at one of the 7 local Cruisin Coffee locations - they make the BEST Cool Coffee Creams - kind of like a mocha milkshake, but icy - and not as sweet as the ones from Micky D's Golden Arches - They also make a yummy breakfast croissant w/bacon, cheese & egg and a pretty fair deli style lunch sandwich or soups - yum - can you tell I kind of "frequent" these conveniently located spots?

What's even more fun, is they have a couple of stores in Yakima (east of the mountains) where my sister lives - so every once in a while we give each other "Coffee cards" - nothing better than picking up a cup of tea or a Cool Coffee Cream for "free" -

After the downtown Safeway went out of business this building sat empty for many years. Then half of it was a "game time" place for kids - that didn't last either - but some enterprising fellows turned it into a Public Market - there's a wonderful organic foods store called Terra Organica, a coffee shop, a deli, a couple of gift shops and -------

Chocolate Necessities (undoubtedly one of the best chocolate stores in the world...) and they have a big case of Gelato - all different flavors - this was citrus - a mix of orange, lemon and grapefruit - WOW is it good.

Does the old phrase "Like a kid in a candy store" come to mind. I picked out 9 little two truffle boxes for my friends and sisters for Valentine's day - Ok, so I picked out 10 boxes and ate the extra two truffles - and they were reallllllyyyy good!!! (weren't they ladies?)

When you get done downtown, there is no place prettier on a sunny day than down at the harbor. The Port of Bellingham does a pretty darn good job of taking care of their properties

And if you click on this last picture to biggify it you can see Mt. Baker right in the center of the photograph.

Next time, I'll tell you about "Things To Do"

Tonight's Olympic Update is a big WAY TO GO to both the Canadian (gold) and USA (silver) Women's Hockey teams.

I think all of the athletes are getting a little tired though - some of them are getting just a little bit "whiney" don't ya think?


Michelle said...

Oh yes, those truffles were very, VERY good! Prolly a good thing I don't live as close as you do!

Kathy said...

Fantastic truffles, indeed! :) They did not last long at all!

Sharon said...

I had to laugh at the old Safeway store. New banner and all, it still looks like an old Safewy.