Saturday, December 06, 2008

Speaking of Miss Peach -

This award is from my friend Miss Peach. She is a truly inspirational blogger. She and her Mamma Karla blog EVERY DAY!

Blogging cats (and dogs and bunnies and hedgehogs and chickens etc, etc., too, I'm sure) are kind of like the Easter Bunny or Leprechauns - ideologically you know that the human is behind the keyboard, but you have a tendency to forget - the blogging entity has such a strong character/persona - Miss Peach is like that - (so is my friend Rascal. I'm always forgetting that it is really Leigh behind the scenes on his blog.)

Anyhow, Miss Peach (and her mamma) are truly kindhearted in spirit and deed. She has her paw on the pulse of the cat blogosphere and is so good at letting us all know if somecat is in distress. She sounds an "alarm" and the cats come running, or blogging as the case may be. Last week she became aware of a very sweet cat named Micky in Germany who had gone missing. When his people found him, he was near death from a gunshot wound, and ultimately could not be saved. (oh, don't get me started on that one) Anyhow, after Miss Peach suggested that her friends stop by Micky's blog and leave messages of comfort for the family - over 60 messages were left - letting them know they were not alone. They were totally blown away that people from all across the world had stopped during their day to leave a message of comfort for someone who they didn't even know.

This wonderful blanket of compassion comforted us last summer when we lost Neelix. I have been meaning to write a story about him, but even after four months, the pain is still somewhat raw and it is still hard to realize that he is gone - in fact last week when The Shepherd had some pumpkins stacked on the porch, I had to do a double take as one of them was so close to Neelix's color - well, you know.

We've all been there - the overwhelming sadness that comes from the loss of a family member (human or otherwise) or a friend. As Miss Peach says, sharing grief with a friend does help to dilute it. I hope Micky's family has happy memories of him in earlier times that will help them pass through these terrible days and that our messages of comfort continue to help them along. Thank you, Miss Peach, for helping us to be caring and compassionate bloggers.


Tammy said...

Great post, Tina.
Having blogging friends has really helped with the feeling of isolation for me. Many of the people I interact with on a day to day basis aren't 'animal people' and certainly don't want to sit around and discuss sheep, so when suddenly the blogging community sprung up, it was a blessing. Here you have an entire group of people who love animals AND have gone through many of the same situations.
I do understand about Neelix, too. It is so hard, and I've seen some of my beloved little friends 'out of the corner of my eye' for months after they passed.
Take care,

Kathy said...

I agree with Tammy...great post, Tina.
I, too, find myself remembering some of the "friends" I have lost these past few years. It still hurts. I think about Neelix, too.
Funny...I never got to pet him, but he seemed like he'd just always been my buddy. I know The Shepherd misses his Barn Buddy.
Hugs to you both...

the Airy Zona Shepherdess

Sharon said...

How timely. My daughter's children lost their "other" grandpa this morning. We're babysitting tonight. Grandson Kiernan loves to play with a neighbor boy so I called to let them know what had happened. Kiernan told me that when he was up there, Ronnie's grandma (soon to be adoptive mother - long story) talked to Kiernan and told him the same thing. It's really important for him to talk and share his feelings. The kids are confused.

Leigh said...

Excellent post. This is one of the blessings of the blogosphere, I think. We love Miss Peach and her mama too.