Sunday, December 14, 2008

Looking Back Sunday

Taking a look back at pictures taken around the 14th of the months in 2007 -

The 14th of January found us in a snowy winter scene - the red rose hips are so cheery -

It doesn't look too much different from today - not so much snow though - we tied a record cold of 19 degrees last night (it is only 23 degrees right now) but with the wind chill (wind at 40 mph all night) it is down in the teens and single digits.

The boys are snug in their little barns - The Shepherd locked the girls in last night -more in an effort to not have the barn fill up with the icy bits of snow that were blowing around - they are not happy about it, but, oh, well - when you're a sheep, The Shepherd makes the rules.

This cheery bunch of tulips bloom in April - this bed is right by where I park my car, so I get to see their virtual bouquet every day for a couple of weeks.

Miss Sinda is missing having another kitty around, I think. She is pretty good for a 19 year old cat, but lately, she has taken to sleeping in the linen closet in the bathroom - it makes a pretty snug nest.

The middle of summer always finds all kind of greenery on our deck. The Shepherd finds interesting flowers to add, like these little mini yellow and orange trailing petunias -

We got last year's fleeces back from Gretchen's Wool Mill last week (pictures coming up) - The Shepherd wants a couple of sweater vests - I have a lot of spinning to do!

Hope you enjoyed this look back at 2007. If we don't blow away in all this cold wind, I'll be back in a couple of days.


Kathy said...

I love it - "when you're a sheep, The Shepherd makes the rules..."! Can I tell this to my guys? Yeah, but will they listen.

We, too, are experiencing cold and snow - we're supposed to get about 20 inches today and tonight. My Hired Hand is in Phoenix with his last seminar, so will be surprised when he comes home.

(And I meant to call this weekend...)

vlb5757 said...

The pictures of the flowers were just wonderful. I really need to plant more flowers here for spring. I can't wait to see your fleeces. I am waiting for four of mine to come back from processing. I guess I will have to brush up on my knitting. I have roving from a fleece this summer that needs to be spun up too. How did I get so far behind??

Wrensong Farm said...

Thank you for posting pics to remind me of things to look forward to!! I can't believe how it's winter already before it's even officially winter!!

Leigh said...

Lovely photos, Tina. Please give Sinda a scritch and a pat for me. And some purrs from Rascal and Catzee.