Saturday, July 12, 2008

Expansive, desmull faleyour

Sinda here, reporting in - - Mom went to town this morning for more pills from the V.E.T. for Neelix. She was mumbling something about the stinky oil she got for him yesterday being an expansive, desmull, faleyour, what ever that means... Think I'll lie down here on the deck and take a nap. This whole thing is so tiresome. He gets all the attention now.

"Mom" here - that new liquid medicine upset Mr. Neelix far more than giving him the pills ever did. So, I ditched it, and we have gone back to the pills. He just let me put one in his mouth then ate a little dinner to go with it, so I guess we'll settle for that. Now we have to get him to gain a little bit of weight back. And don't believe a word that Sinda says. She gets PLENTY of attention.


Leigh said...

I'm sure Rascal would say "Poor Neelix," but I say "Poor Mom!" How much of the liquid is he supposed to get? Could you mix it with something else like baby food to "disguise" it?

Kathy said...

What a stinker! And so is Sinda! LOL! Pixel says they shold keep it up, but OUR Rascal says to be good Uncle Neelix! Take your medicine!

Robin said...

Our Hollis P Hoopers, familiarly known as Holly, had hyperthyroidism. We gave him medicine for years until he finally had to have his thyroid glands (ALL of them) removed at age 17. He still had to take his meds and go for blood work periodically, but he survived for three years -- until he was 20.
I sympathize with the difficulty of giving pills to a kitty. Holly would turn into Jell-O when I opened his mouth. Giving him pills was not easy. Like Neelix, Holly didn't go for the liquid meds either.
Dealing with geriatric kitties is very difficult, and I applaud your persistence! I'm sure Neelix would tell you he appreciates all you do for him, if he could.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Sounds like everyone is getting attention except mom?


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