Thursday, July 31, 2008

Neelix got a Cool Cat Award!

Neelix is very honored to have been awarded The Cool Cat Award by our friend Rascal! Thank you Rascal!

We're going to pass the award along to our friend Benjamin Fuzz a'cause he lives right here in the Pacific NW and he is one Cool Cat! We're thinkin' about it and there may be a couple of other Cool Cats we want to nominate - we'll let you know.


Kathy said...

My HumanBean Mom said I got an award from Uncle Rascal, too! Wheee! I don't know what an award is, but I was told it's to let me know I'm special.

I know Uncle Neelix got it, but I think Aunt Sinda needs one too!

L'il Rascal
In Airy Zona

Benjamin Fuzz said...

wow! thanks neelix! awards are fun, and i feel honored (tipping shades in your direction). mol

ben fuzz