Thursday, January 17, 2008

Only Three Days Left to Bid!

I added up the bids from our auction today and it looks like so far we have raised a little over $3000 for the Black Sheep Creamery folks on our second go round - But there are still a LOT of things that haven't been bid 0n yet, including many of these beautiful hand woven scarves...

They are such a bargain, you have to check them out!
Please click HERE to go to the auction site. Thank you!

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Leigh said...

I blew it! I am definitely behind the power curve. I had meant to put a link to the 2nd auction on my blog (at least) but have gotten so far in blog reading and Internet stuff in general, that I'm just now figuring out that I missed it! :( Sometimes life is just too busy. *sigh*