Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Only 5 Days left on the Fundraiser Auction

So, here's the deal - the Northwest Shetland Sheep Owners Association and Washington Wool dot Net, our new fiber farm co-op are sponsoring another auction to benefit the Black Sheep Creamery in Lewis County, WA that suffered devastating losses in the early December floods. If you havn't had time to visit the auction page, I thought I'd bring a few of the items that still need bids on them to you!

You can bid on any of these items by clicking HERE

This hand woven blue tweed wool scarf was donated by Richard Harvey of Whatcom county.

The lavender one is woven of mohair - I think it is beautiful.
(and I'm sure it is soft)

Linda Smith of Puyallup donated this hand woven woll rug. It has little bits of red, yellow, green and blue in it - it would be great for a family room, don't you think. (item 52)

Remember! You can bid on any of these items by clicking HERE.

Here are two more of Richard's scarves - he generously donated two dozen of them - 12 wool (Item 31) and 12 mohair (Item 32).

My friend Michelle from Bloulderneigh in Amity, Oregon donated several "Scratchboard" portraits of dogs - this bloodhound is particularly handsome, don't you think? (Item #5)

How about this beautiful rug? It's lavendar stripes would look lovely in your bedroom, don't you think? (item # 51)

And Last, but not Least in the list of items I thought you should see is the Hound Hat. Now, personally, I don't think we could get Neelix or Sinda to dress up like this, but they are cats, and perhaps less apt to have a cold head than this jolly looking fellow. So, know a hound who needs a hat? (Item #29)

Did I tempt you with any of our offerings? I hope so!

You can bid on any of these items by clicking HERE. And remember, there are only 5 days left!

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Kathy said...

It sure looks like this is going to be a good auction, too!