Thursday, August 09, 2007

What, more lilies?

I know I'm behind on stories about the kitties and the sheep - but I just had to show you this lily that (understandably) The Shepherd is very proud of. It is called Boogey Woogey - and is an orienpet like the lilies I showed you a week or so ago - and it is EIGHT FEET TALL (at least - JP is 6' tall and it's what, two feet above his head?) and it's not even staked! I don't know what keeps it standing upright - but I do know that the area where it is planted is fairly secluded so it wouldn't get blown down - and I also know that this area has been heavily mulched with sheep poop.

This is what the flower looks like close up.
I have a stem of this lily with four blossoms on my desk this week. Besides making our office incredibly fragrant, everyone (including myself) has been totally transfixed on it's beauty. If you were going to have a "yellow & white wedding" - this baby is your flower. It's just incredible.
Clicking on any of the photos will "biggify" them so you can see the detail of the colors and the spots. Isn't this one adorable?

We'll be back to our normally scheduled programming soon. The Shepherd and I are going to visit the Skagit County Fair in Mt. Vernon, WA (about 35 miles south of here) The NW Shetland Sheep Owners are having our first NW Shetland Sheep show - (we're not taking sheep - this year, anyhow) , but I am taking my spinning wheel and some fleece to spin with - people are always interested in seeing spinning. It should be fun - don't worry, I'll take lots of pictures.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I like that bottom lily best; very pretty! I'm looking forward to a show report after the weekend....

Sharon said...

Crazy to see what you grow, besides sheep. Besides sheep, we grow sagebrush. Keeps it interesting~

Kathy L. said...

Take soem fleece to S-E-L-L, Woman! People are going to ask when they get interested in your spinning. :) Sneal some from John's "stash" and sell, sell, sell!

The lillies are breathtaking! Here in my neck of the woods they'd be 24" high and late to bloom...just like the few Stargazers I have.

Christine and FAZ said...

They are beautiful. My lilies were a little bashful this year and didn't put on much of a show, I wonder if they're past their prime as they haven't done well for a few years now.

Benjamin Fuzz said...

the lilies are gorgeous!

did you know that you're at post 195 on this blog? is it contest time ?!