Thursday, August 02, 2007

Blueberries - more later

Although these beautiful berries are from our bushes, last weekend we visited my sister & b-i-l in Mossyrock on their blueberry farm. I have a great story and more pictures for you, but no time to write it out tonight - so this is just a little teaser -

I'm also giving great thought to doing a blog of all blueberry recipes for her - I thought it sounded like fun! There are certainly some tasty recipes out there. We'll see how my time goes.


Leigh said...

Oh, lucky you! Yum!

Kathy L. said...

Just wave those tasty treats in front of us and leave us all dangling! Shame on you! We want more...better yet, maybe we should all come to your place to help with all those berries. heeheehee