Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Relaxation, community & a riot (not THAT kind of riot)

Welcome to Three Beautiful Things Tuesday - finding three things that have given me pleasure this past week.

  • Yesterday was "Seafair Sunday" in Seattle and the Lake Washington hydroplane races on TV (including the spectacular Blue Angels!). There was also a car race and a Mariner's game on. The shepherd took it easy and spent a lot of time napping in front of the TV.
  • Kudos to the Lummi Tribe and all the volunteers for the success of the Paddle to Lummi 2007. The thousands of visitors saw the very best that our community had to offer and gave a new generation something to strive for.
  • The nasturciums are just a riot of color - they bid me farewell in the morning and greet me at the end of the day. (click on the picture so you can see all the colors!)


Benjamin Fuzz said...

i love your 'three beautiful things tuesday'. i think i might do that one soon.

yes, i do like lara bars. thanks for thinking of me.


Sharon said...

I hear nasturciums are good in salad but wouldn't know since they don't grow here.

Kathy L. said...

My mom said that her sweet peez are going to bloom soon - whatever that means.

Im jus happy she lets me come into the sleeping room and stay with her on the big sleeping thing when Dadz not watching.

Shadow the Velcro Cat