Saturday, April 28, 2007

Weekend Cat Blogging

Flowers & cats? I have LOTSA pictures of flowers & LOTSA pictures of cats but could only find this one with Neelix from last summer - he loves to spend time up on the deck, surveying his kingdom. We also wrote an "Ode to Karen Jo" earlier today that we hope you'll enjoy.

See more weekend cat blogging at "s'kat and the food" as they host WCB for the first time.


Kathy L. said...

You go, Neelix! We see you keep that deck free from mice - good job! Keep them mousies on they toes!

-Shadow, Max, Ziggy, Pixel, and HRH The Princess Europa-

Leigh said...

What a great pic, and what a great kitty place your deck. Rascla would absolutely love a hang out spot like that. Neelix definitely looks very kingly. I love your poem for Karen Jo too,

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A nice patio and garden, and a beautiful Neelix!

Kate said...

Ours cats love sitting outside on the patio watching 'their domain' also, scratching their backs on the brick and chasing all forms of animal life for the fun of it.