Sunday, April 08, 2007


Penelope the sheep & I went looking for Easter eggs today - (Penelope arrived in the middle of a snow storm, the day after my birthday - a gift from our friend Kathy @ Sheep Thrills farm in Flagstaff ( )

All she found were these pretty little tulips that are growing out front.

She just didn't know where to look...

E. Bunny must have spilled his basket here in the rocks

If'n you knew where to look there were little Easter critters all over the place today!

Regina & the lambs - they're doing great - Lambdamonium has begun!

Happy Easter to all from those of us here on the farm!

Choir is singing at church tomorrow - and I had the bright idea that I wanted to take an Apricot Cream coffee cake from Land o'Lakes, to help with snacks - gotta get to bed! If it turns out good, I'll post the recipe!

P.S. - We've had several new visitors recently - so glad you all could stop by - hope you enjoyed your visit and will come again soon!


Kathy L. said...

It looks like Penelope had a great time today! How wonderful to see all the blooms and spring things at your place. All we have is our daffodils, which finally bloomed last week. -sniff-

Have a Happy Easter!

Karen Jo said...

Happy Easter! You and Penelope had fun. I'm glad to see the little tulips. The lambs look like they are growing fast.

vlb5757 said...

Happy Easter to you and all the loved creatures there! We had a very quiet Easter and the day before it snowed. What a shocker! It didn't stay for very long but sure was nice. I loved all the pretty eggs and Penelope too. She's quite the looker!

Suzanne said...

those eggs are gorgeous! and you had all kinds of spring-y things, too.

how was your cake? (mama has trouble with cake cuz she has celiac she has fun trying to figure out new recipes!)