Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ode to Karen Jo

Karen Jo is a poet, “Kitty Limericks” she writes,
of cats, and their families, she writes thru the night -
The Meezers & tabbies, whites, blacks, when they heard
She had TWO hurt paws, to a one, they all purred –
They wished her to get well, “We miss you” they cried
“Karen Jo, get all better!” meowed cats, far & wide!

So if my words call to mind, a Cat in a Hat –
it’s probably because, I wrote it like that –
With cats teleporting from here and from there
To check on her progress, the Cat Blogosphere
Takes care of its own and the beans they revere
When you’re back on your bloggie, the cats will all cheer!

Hope you are much better now Karen Jo – if you were closer, I'd bring you a bouquet of flowers, but a picture of one of the beautiful iris from the shepherd's garden last summer will have to suffice.

Karen Jo's blog "Kitty Limericks" can be read here:

XOX , Tina, the Shepherd, Sinda, Neelix, and all the critters on the farm


Suzanne said...

terrific poem, tina! you got the rhythm perfectly.

and you're right...the kitties will all cheer when karen jo is on her feet again!


Kathy L. said...

There's a poet amoung us!

Karen Jo said...

Thank you so much for the ode and the flowers. I love them both. It is really heart-warming for me to see so many mentions on so many blogs of my little problem. My toes are feeling much better now.