Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hey Effurybody! It's Caturday!!

 Hello Effurrybody and effurry Kitty!

It's Gracie, here with the Caturday Report.

It was pretty quiet here on the farm this week.  It has been very sunny and warm - leading to lots of naps outside in the yard. 

And lots of naps inside on the big bed.  Although this morning Mummy unceremoniously dumped us out of bed so she could go to her string makers meeting (her spinner guild)  - she even won the raffle prize, which she said she'll show you later in the week.  

Mummy has been reading a lot of books - she just finished "Crunch Time" by Diane Mott Davidson.  She said it had too may characters and way too many plots to keep track of - do I look like I care?

She also just ordered a whole bunch of other books from - one of her favorite places to shop because you can get almost anything there.  In fact, she just ordered a new flex hose for the shower in the big bathroom. 

The Shepherd, however, shops locally, and finds the prettiest things.  

While Mummy called April the month of "Yellow Things" - May could be called the month of "Pink Things" around here - This cherry three has turned the entire back yard pink with it's petals and blossoms that have fallen off onto the ground.  It makes it hard for me and Georgie to camouflage ourselves with all that pink.  The pink peonies will be blooming soon too.    

But, Mummy said that the weather man says that the blue sunny skies and the warm sun puddles are gone for a while,

It's raining out there right now,  in the dark of night. 

George has been sticking to Mummy like glue ever since he committed his transgression of staying out all night and scaring the stuffings out of her.  So he and I have taken to sleeping at night at her feets in the big bed.  She says we make it hard for her to turn over, but she is glad to know where we are at night...

So, Mummy says "that's all the news that's fit to print" -  what ever that means.  I think I'll take another nap before she kicks me out again.

Effurybody have a great week, and remember to hug YOUR Mummy tomorrow!  

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Katnip Lounge said...

That's right, taking over the bed is the way to go!

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