Thursday, May 02, 2013

April Showers bring May Flowers

 The patch of tulips right beside where I park my car.

These pictures are from early last month.

The little green flower buds grow and grow

And grow

And start to show some color

Then they burst out in all their glory.

We took bouquets to church and I took a vase full to work for our anniversary - they lasted all week and just kept getting bigger and bigger.

They are called peony tulips and The Shepherd doesn't remember where he got them, but everyone always insists that they aren't tulips - like we wouldn't know???

But last week they got kind of beat down by the rain.

It's supposed to be 70 degrees this weekend.  Yippie!

Happy May (2nd) Day! 


Leigh said...

Beautiful! Spring flowers are always a treat to the eyes as well as the soul. And for the record, Ziggy is driving me nuts. Next potential due date in about two weeks.

Kathy said...

So nice to see the flowers. All we have is cursed wind today. :(
Thanks for the bright spot!