Sunday, May 05, 2013

Looking Back Sunday - Waayyyy Back - to 2006!

Oh, Happy Day!

Tuesday, May 7 is my 7th Blogoversary!  My walk down memory lane is looking back at spring (since I started in May)

I started my blog after a diagnosis of cancer - to be able to update my friends and family in one spot - The name "A Blip on the Radar" came from my sister, who said - "Hopefully this (the cancer) will be no more than A Blip on the Radar"  -  and a blog was born.  Then, when everything "sorted out" after surgery, etc. people began to say - "You're still going to blog, aren't you?"

Hmm - I kind of enjoyed having an outlet to write and post my pictures - "Sure," I said -

That spring (2006) we had 6 lambs - It is always so much fun to see them running out in the front pasture - I'm sure you've heard my whining about not having any lambs this year, but it's really been a blessing - The Shepherd has had colds all winter (but, thankfully no pneumonia this year) - and spending nights out in a cold barn would not have been good for him.  It has also gotten progressively harder to find good new homes for the sheep - so he just decided to take a break this year.  

On my blog header it says: "Stories of everyday life on our farm, featuring cats, our little flock of Shetland Sheep and garden life, plus a recipe to try every once in a while. Wait, now there is spinning and crocheting, don't forget spinning and crocheting all that Shetland wool... So, thanks for stopping by - who knows what you'll find!!" 

So that's what I've tried to deliver - just every day life - I've made some wonderful friends - we've met up in Eugene at the Black Sheep Gathering in June, or gone to visit in Arizona.  We have sheep friends, cat friends, dog friends, crocheting & spinning friends and other friends who also write of every day life. 

It has given us a chance to show off our handsome new little fellows

or show pretty things from The Shepherd's garden.  

 and his flock.

Our special little boy "HB" brought a lot of excitement into the neighborhood - a sheep that looked like a panda!   

I started a "sitemeter" a year or so after I started blogging - it shows I've had over 48,000 visitors so, if I extrapolate out - I figure I've had over 50,000 visits to my blog.  When Blogger started keeping tabs on "referring traffic sources" - it shows that the most visitors come over from Nancy K's old blog, A Shepherd's Voice - I understand that since she isn't farming any longer, she is mostly on Facebook (which I'm not), but she has a great blog roll, so I'm sure a lot of people visit her blog, just to go through her blog roll - I know I do...

 I also get a lot of jumps from Sharon's blog "In Stitches"  Sharon is a weaver of extraordinary talent - she's also a spinner, a crafter, and a wonderful grandmother.  Her blog is one of my favorites.  (she's one of the bloggers I've met at Black Sheep Gathering)

It's also fun to look back through my "Labels" section - "From the Garden" and "Neelix"  are hands down favorites - Neelix went to "The Bridge" in August 2008 - we miss him still - George and Gracie (and Bella) have filled the holes, but he was such a character, he left awful big paws to fill.

 My post that gets the most visits (according to Blogger) is my post on "Green corn tamale pie" that I did in August of 2006.  it says I've had 447 visits to that page.  Now, I don't mean to think badly of Blogger's stats, but it seems to me,if there have been 447 visits to that page, there would be more than 1 comment.  Don't ya think?

And why would "A view from the cat door" from January of 2012 be so interesting that it would come in second with 421 visits?  I don't have a lot of confidence in Blogger's stats page.

 And maybe I'm wrong but here's my audience:

United States  25,693
Russia    7051
Canada  1486
Germany 1133
South Korea  895
United Kingdom   830
France   629
Netherlands  576
Ukraine  442
Indonesia  379

South Korea and Indonesia???   What's with that? 

Unless they just like looking at the cutest darn Shetland lambs around...

Or the prettiest, serene-ist looking ewes -

As I say in my emails -  Marietta Shetlands, Bellingham, WA, where "the ewes are strong, the rams are good looking and all the lambs are above average."

 My "most viewed months" were June of 2010 with 1906 visits and September 2012 with 1910 visits.  In June 2010 I didn't have a lot of posts, but I had a big one about Black Sheep Gathering and I was participating in a blog hop called "The colors of (the month name here)" where you would take pictures during that month and link up with other bloggers who had done the same - wow, that was a fun meme - you really got to see a lot of the world -

One of my favorites was the lady from Australia (and I've lost her blog now) who had a picture of a pasture full of kangaroos.  Just like we would have a picture of a pasture of sheep or goats.  The photographer must have made some kind of noise because they were all "heads up" and looking at the camera - what a cool picture.  

My blog has been a place of solace in times sadness and a place to celebrate in times of gladness. 

I have met many many talented people and have gotten encouragement from them on my endeavors.  

 I've gotten to show off some of the more unusual fruits and vegetables that The Shepherd has in his garden (yes, this is PURPLE asparagus)

So, who knows how much longer I'll keep blogging - maybe in another 7 years I'll have that site meter up to 100,00 visits?

And I sure appreciate your comments -  Thanks for stopping by today.


LA said...

I often stop by to see your sheep and lambs, as well as your precious kitties! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary! Your cancer was just a blip on the radar and created a great blog. I am not glad you had cancer but very glad you have a blog.

Michelle said...

I count you and the Shepherd as "blogging benefits" - wonderful people in person and online. Happy Bloggiversary!!!

Kathy said...

As Michelle said, Happy Blogaversary!

And I have enjoyed each and every one of them!