Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Where's George?

Seriously, George, where have you gotten to this time?   The Shepherd said he thought he saw him when we got home from work, but he didn't come in for dinner - and hasn't been in to "check up on things" all evening which is very unusual.

I went out and called and whistled, and called -

Darn, I hate it when this happens. 

Well, as the old song goes, "The cat came back, the very next day"  George sauntered in this morning and gave The Shepherd a look like "So Dude, what's the big deal"  He is so grounded!!!! (Yeah, right) 


Michelle said...

George, it's not safe out there. Go home!

Lilylou said...

Yikes, I hope he's home this morning!

Tammy said...

Oh no. Please George come home! Let us know please. Why do cats do this???


Lilylou said...

Thanks for the email, Tina. My note in reply to yours might not get through as I no longer have a comcast account. I'm lilyloosy4 at gmail these days.

Leigh said...

I hate it when that happens too! We always worry so about them, don't we?

Momma Maria said...

Thank you for the update - I was worried too!

Kathy said...

He needs a tracking device. Ankle bracelet for kitties?
At the very least, a microchip!

Bad kitty, George!