Saturday, January 07, 2012

It's Caturday!

Hello everybodies and everykitties!

Gracie here and "It's Caturday!!"

My Caturday report today is that Mummy spent half of her Christmas green papers that she got from her sisters on sheep furs - old colored sheep furs.

And I thought maybe she might spend some of it on ME!

She said that this is 8 ounces of "Mountain Colors hand painted Targhee roving and the color is called "Wilderness"

Mummy likes to spin Targhee sheeps furs - she says it is fluffy and soft. She made a baby sweater out of this kind of yarn a couple of years ago and it turned out really pretty.

This is called "Louet Northern Lights Handpainted Pencil Roving". It came in an 8oz bag and the color is called Fire Moss. Mummy has never spun any pencil roving and thought it looked like it might be kind of fun. She also thought she was getting a bag of sheeps furs that was all kinds of blues called Ocean Waves, but this is what showed up. I think it is pretty anyhow.

And this is whole bag is full of sheeps fur string -

I also think it looks like it might be kind of fun to play with - what do you think?

This whole frenzy of green paper spending was started by this little doohickey called a "yarn yardage counter" - Mummy has been wanting one because she says as a hand spinner she wants to be sure she has enough yarn for her projects. It will also make it more accurate when she wants to sell some of her spun sheeps furs to other people.

It was her present from The Shepherd for Christmas - but she had to find it on the internets because The Shepherd looked ALL over the city and he couldn't find one. So she went to a web site that she had gotten stuff from before called Paradise Fibers . She got very excited because it turns out they were having a sale AND if you spent over $75 you got free shipping.

Well, Mummy thought it would a very good time to buy some new sheeps furs, especially since it was going on The Shepherd's credit card and not hers - he, he, he - (but she did give him the green papers from her sister to cover the charges)

It's not very big - that is a teaspoon lying next to it.

Anyways, it was cold and rainy out today so me and Georgie spend most of the day snoozing here and there in the house.

As a matter of fact, here is Georgie, helping Mummy wrap her belated Christmouse presents to her sisters. I think I heard her say that he was being a "great help"... wasn't that nice of him?

Well, that's my Caturday report for this week. Mummy says she'll tell you later about the other spending spree she went on at her local yarn store. Have a good week!

Love, Your roving reporter, Gracie


Sharrie said...

Well, Gracie, you might want to contact Nancy K's dogs. They already got to play in that sheep stuff. Looks like that had a great time, but you might want to go easy on the idea.

Katnip Lounge said...

WE think playing in that sheep fur would be SPLENDID! Mommy says she looks forward to seeing the yarn spun from it.