Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It takes all kinds -

See the lady mid-picture by the grey truck? She owns another business on our block. She thinks we take up too much of the parking. (he is parked a half a block away from her business entrance - and as you can see, there is a bit of parking available on her side of the street)

She is leaving a little pile of brown poo courtesy of her doggie where my co-worker will unwittingly step in it before he gets into his truck.

I guess she didn't realize that all the cameras on our building might catch her in the act....(we are a "security company" after all). Sheesh!

Just wrong on so many levels.


Michelle said...

Seriously? My knee-jerk reaction is to move HER poo to HER business' front doorstep, but I guess that wouldn't be nice. Just, but not nice....

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious!

Kathy said...

I say you put her "offerings" up her tailpipe.
What goes around, comes around, eh?