Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hey Everyone it's Caturday!

Hello everybody and everykitty!

It's Caturday, and it's nice to have Mummy home all day. We miss her when she goes off to the salt mine and doesn't come home until after dark.

The question for the week is:

If a tree falls in the driveway and no one is outside to see it fall, does it make any noise?

It was really windy on Tuesday afternoon and this is what happened!

The Shepherd was home, but HE didn't hear anything - so maybe it didn't make any noise...

Mummy had to park out by the gate and walk through the muddy garden in the dark - luckily she had a flashlight in her car - she would have been in a lot of trouble otherwise. She's not too steady on her feet in the mud.

Since the driveway was blocked and he could not get his truck out, The Shepherd took Mummy to the salt mine on Wednesday morning and used her car to go to a wonderful place called Hardware Sales where you can get just about anything you want to do with hardware or plumbing or electrical - (they even have a wedding registry of all things!) and they rent chain saws too. (A friend of Mummy's says if they don't have it or can't get it at Hardware Sales, you don't need it)

So even though we thought that tree would be an excellent Jungle Gym for us, The Shepherd cut it all up and a friend of Mummy's came today and took away the wood for his fire place.

"All's well that end's well", I always say.

Everyone have a great weekend.

Love, your roving reporter, Gracie!


Katnip Lounge said...

Well thank goodness nobody or kitty was hurt! Mommy says she wants to visit a Hardware Sales...what a tomboy.

Kathy said...

We sure hope that no more trees fall over. It must've been a Stealth Tree, or a Secret Agent Tree, to be so quiet.
Now we know where the winds in Airy Zona comes from. Mom asks if you could keep it up there and that we have enuf here just like it.
Last night, Mom was going in and out of the house so much! We thought it was her sleep time, but then we heard what Mom calls "coyotes" right up near the barn where those smelly sheeps live! She said it's her job to make sure the sheep are OK, so she finally put them in the barn and locked them in! We sure hope coyotes don't know how to open doors!
Mom was very cold and tired when it was all over.
But she smelled like a sheeps again.
L'il Rascal, Mooch, Mama Daisy, HRH The Princess Europa, and Uncle Shadow
in Airy Zona