Friday, December 28, 2012

Hello Effury body & kitty! It's CATURDAY!

 Hi Effury body - it's me, Gracie with the Caturday Report! 

I was giving Mummy a really bad time the other day because it has been such a long time since she let me do a Caturday Report. 

She said she was sorry, but she had been verrrry busy -  yeah, busy on that computer thingy.  Oh, well -

The Sheepies had a Spa Day last weekend, so Mummy was out helping the Shepherd.  She took lots of pictures of their furs and promises that she will show them to you next week. 

Meanwhile she took lots of pictures of me and Georgie with the flashie box.  (by the way, Mummy says that's not a sewer pipe in back of me, it is the place that she puts her shiny gazie ball on in the summer)  

Georgie is ruminating as to how many jumps up it will take him to get to the top of the arbor.  


 I think it too two, and we didn't tell The Shepherd that the next place he jumped was up onto the plastic bubble top of the greenhouse.  It makes The Shepherd furry mad when us kitties get up there, so I try to stay on his good side and stay down.  Heights make me dizzy anyhow. 

Speaking of heights...

This is where Bella likes to hang out.  Mummy wonders if she is hunting for birdies and just thinks she'll have a better chance up on the roof - and it scares Mummy in case Bella might think that she can fly.

Speaking of being a-skeert - Mummy got up to use her potty box the other night and discovered that all of us kitties were in the bed room with her and The Shepherd - when she listened at the window she knew why - it sounded like the ebil coyotes were all out in the front yard singing their songs.  They would sing, then the doggies next door would bark, then the coyotes would sing some more and then the doggies would bark some more.  Then a train went by (about 1/2 mile away) and when the whistle blowed, all them doggies and ebil coyotes were singing.  It was not a safe place for a kittie to be - out there with the singing coyotes.  We were glad that Mummy lets us come in the house. 

Whew - all that talk about the ebil coyotes singing makes me want to go take a nap.  Effurry body have a Happy New Year - Hopefully we'll be back next week with another Caturday Report.

Your roving reporter,  Gracie


Lilylou said...

Love the Caturday report, Tina! Squeezes to the kitties, yourself, and The Shepherd!

Sharrie said...

Great Saturday morning treat to read the Caturday report. Seems like the gang has been busy. Happy Ewe Year to all!!!

Knatolee said...

Gracie, you're a beauty!

Michelle said...

Pictures! It's great to see you kitties again, and can't wait to see the sheeps, too!

Tina T-P said...

Happy Ewe Year to you all too - thanks for stopping by.

Kit - hope you had a great Christmas in your new home.
Sharrie - I can't believe how fast time has gone this year - the kitties got a pkg of catnip mice from my sister and they have been busy playing with them since Christmas
Knatolee - She is a beauty and her fur is soft as silk -
Michelle - The one thing you won't be able to see from the sheep pictures is how butter soft their fleeces are :-) T.

Katnip Lounge said...

Gracie this was a wonderful report! We won't tell about the bubble-top excursions...

So, are the sheeps nekkid?