Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hood ornament or road pancake???

You know how sometimes you let a cat (or a child, for that matter) do something that you know is intrinsically dangerous, but it's "cute" or funny so you sort of "allow" it to happen again and again???

Well, this is Bella, climbing up to the roof of my car.  She loves being up high - she is the ultimate snoopervisor and being up high allows her to check on all nature of things.

The Shepherd generally gets home just a little bit before I do (I work until 6:00) - He feeds the wooly units and works around the yard until I come home.

As I would drive through the drive way, if he was out by his truck, I'd stop, roll down my window, and turn off my car to visit and see how his day had gone.

Before you could Blink, Miss Snoopy would be up on the roof of my car, checking things out.

Then after our visit, I'd start the car back up and drive to my parking spot.  Guess who would come along for the ride - - -   ???

She is actually quite good at it - balances up on the middle of the roof and goes for the ride down the driveway - like a Parade Princess - she's just missing the tiara...  and that wave...

Then she sits up there and makes sure I get everything I need out of the car, etc. etc.

Well, last week while I was off work, "working" on the church stuff, I had run to town to do some errands (should have made a list) - I stopped and visited my friend "Jack" (in the Box) for lunch and headed home.  I got to our driveway and realized that I had not gone over to pick up the patch for the minister's stole that I was making.

So, I parked, turned the car off, sat there listening to the radio while I finished my sandwich.

Sandwich finished, I started the car back up, and proceeded to leave.  I got to the gate and paused to let a neighbor go by before I pulled out.  But to my surprise, he pulled off the road in front of my car and stopped!

Oh, he's going to visit a minute, I thought - I rolled down my window - "Hi Rick", I said as he got out of his truck.

"Did you know you have a passenger?" he asked.  as he walked over to my door - I'm, like, very puzzled..."HuH?"

"The cat on the roof of your car" - he said - "did you know it is up there?  Is it yours? Shall I get it off?"

"Oh, YES!" I said. 

Oh, my gosh - unbeknownst to me, that darn Bella had gotten up on the car while I was finishing my lunch, and like always, she thought she was just going for a little ride down the driveway...

Normally, I would have stopped to close the gate, and would have seen her up there.  But because I was just going to be gone for a few minutes, I had decided to not bother.  Who knows what would have happened, had the neighbor not stopped.  I'm sure it would have ruined my day (and hers) had she tried to jump off as I sped of down the road to finish my errands. 
What's the big deal???

So thanks, Neighbor Rick, for "saving the day" and keeping Bella from certain harm.

The next time, I'll check up there before I take off. 


Katnip Lounge said...

ai yi yi!!!

Bella had an angel on her shoulder, that's for sure! SO happy this adventure turned out OK.


Tammy said...

And hence this is how many cats end up far from home and lost (if they make it that far!). I was following my neighbor one day and she flipped a kitten out of her wheel well. We both drove back and it had survived! Little kitties are just too nosy (and busy) for their own good! I'm glad you and Bella survived and all is well. Maybe tape a note in your car? Always Bella check. I know my memory is so bad anymore.

Take care,

Knatolee said...

Phew! Glad Bella is okay!