Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Night For Bells to Ring

Free Church Unitarian, a drawing by Hal Logan
This past Sunday night was our church's Christmas program & concert.  The whole nine yards - the choir has been working for months on special music, our Religious Education director had been rehearsing with the children their Shadow Puppet show, and our new minister, Rev. Marcia Stanard had prepared some wonderful readings. 

It was truly "A Night For Bells to Ring". (one of the songs the choir had practiced for so long, made a wonderful title for the program, don't you think?)

Then the unimaginable tragedy in Newtown, CT happened on Friday morning.  How could anyone celebrate when so many were grieving? 

So we allowed as how bells ring for sadness too -and remembered the victims by lighting 26 candles,  and went on with our service.  It was a nice evening and our choir? We did a great job for 10 voices. 

And in the back of our minds, we all wondered, why? 

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Michelle said...

Don't ask why; don't go there. Good people cannot fathom evil, nor should we try. These thoughts were new to me until I read them here (, but I REALLY appreciate them!