Thursday, November 10, 2011

Spinning & spinning

I am still spinning for yarn to make fingerless gloves that were ordered from the Artisan Faire that I did in September - and some ladies from church ordered some special yarn for a family member as a birthday present - so that's one reason why I haven't been at the computer much -

This was some BFL roving that I got at Black Sheep Gathering a couple of years ago - that is the nice thing about "stash" - it inevitably comes in handy - and it doesn't spoil.

Maybe someday I'll learn how to Navajo ply like the beautiful BFL silk yarn that Michelle just finished (you have to scroll down past the tree pictures) -

But it made a beautiful yarn and the fingerless gloves will be colorful.

Depending on how early The Shepherd goes to bed (the time after he goes to bed is my spinning time) and what kind of fiber I'm spinning, I can almost get a two ounce bobbin filled in a couple of hours -

And speaking of Michelle - here is a bobbin of "Inky" - from the beautiful black roving that I bought from her last month. Talk about coals to Newcastle - me, buying Shetland roving? But except for some black & white from Wicket, we don't have any plain black that isn't part of a project already, and I wanted to use a natural colored yarn.

I have been wearing the one pair of fingerless gloves that I had left over (the gold ones in the front) from the Artisan Faire. They are not long enough for my hands, and I don't have any of that particular yarn left, so I've been coming up with some scraps that I think will be good contrasting colors to add some "stripes" to the top of them. But, having never had "real wool" gloves or mittens, I've been amazed at, even with the short length, how warm they keep my hands. I'm looking forward to getting these lengthened.

Stay tuned to find out why I'll have to wash them before I can wear them again though.

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Michelle said...

Well, I think YOUR yarn is beautiful just the way it is - and you are far more productive than I. Two ounces in an evening? (Of course, it would help if my "default" singles weren't so fine.)

Your Inky yarn is more consistent and smooth than mine (which has all been spindle-spun to this point). I'm so glad you liked the old girl's roving. :-)