Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're going to our friend Nancy's for dinner - I'm taking the pies -

This is a pumpkin cheesecake pie - I made up the recipe - I'll report in later how it tastes...

This is my regular pumpkin pie - They are both made with our home grown pumpkin.

This is some alpaca that I am spinning up to make fingerless gloves for my niece- it is such a pretty color.

The Mrreows are prowling the house looking for the little birdie that George brought in about an hour ago - luckily (for the birdie) The Shepherd was able to catch it in a net and let it go outside -

Everyone take care and have a great Turkey Day!


Kathy said...

Happy, happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

All my love to you and John, the Meowsers, and all the Sheeple!

Leigh said...

Love the warm brown color theme in all these pics! Hope you had a happy day and good celebration.