Friday, November 25, 2011

The Caturday Report!!

Before the Storm - CATching some rays -

There were lots of leaves for me to chase, but between The Shepherd and the windys, there's no more leaves left.

Mummy was very nervous the one night that it was so blowy because the lights went out. She said the only thing that saved her from falling over things was her neat battery operated candle from PartyLite. She has one on the bookcase (not a place where you'd regularly put a candle, huh?) It even has a timer - so it comes on at around 7 pm and goes off around midnight - and it flickers like a real candle but she doesn't have to worry about me or Georgie burning off our furs - she's pretty smart, that Mummy.

The Shepherd spent ALL day moving his fancy potted plants from their shelves by the house into the big plastic house where he keeps things during the winter. He keeps some of his sheeps furs in there too - but he chased me and Georgie out 'cause he doesn't want us playing in them. He was pleased because a nice lady came out today and paid him a bunch of green papers for two big bags of sheeps furs. I think they are kind of stinky - she can have 'em...

I heard Mummy tell the Shepherd that she was cooking a turKEY for his dinner tomorrow night - she got it from one of the people she spends her days with at the lock shop - do you suppose that's why they call it a turKEY?

Georgie and I love turKEY - but ours come in little shreddies out of a can - Mummy said some of her friends call it "stinky goodness" when it comes out of a can - I don't know if it's that stinky, but it sure is goodness - I could eat a WHOLE can of it myself!

Hope you all have a great weekend. It will be nice to have Mummy around all day tomorrow. I'll have to check on her all the time to make sure that she is working and not reading a book or playing with her string.

Your Roving Reporter, Gracie


Leigh said...

Gracie, you are so cute!!!! Sounds like a very scary storm. So glad you all are safe.

Katnip Lounge said...

Gracie, we sincerely hope you get to eat some real live ded roasted is delish! We got that, AND ham AND tunas for thanksgiving...


Kathy said...

We gots lotsa turKey too! Mom said we were gud kitties and she even saw-tayed the liber for Uncle Shadow. He's old so she said he gots firstest dibs. We don't know what dibs are but he sur liked them.

Moochie and his brudder, L'il Rascal