Monday, August 08, 2011

What I did this weekend - -

I'm back!

Still some bugs to work out and now I have to monkey around installing the new monitor that I bought yesterday. And for some reason, my computer keeps telling me I need to talk to my administrator about downloading any programs (like the Olympus photo organizer software for my camera) - What's with that!?!

So, instead of fiddling with my computer, I spent a lot of time behind my wheel. This is some wool & mohair roving I got at Black Sheep this year.

Would you like to buy this yarn? It will be for sale at the Artisan Faire at the Rome Grange in September.

I feel so honored to have been included. There are some very talented artists who will be there.

This is some of the Roving of the Month Club roving that I just got. I figure the Artisan Faire is my best chance of getting rid of this - it is not a color way that I would have ever chosen - for myself or to give as a gift!

This yarn will be for sale, unless I make it up into some fingerless gloves and a scarf for a teenager - what do you think?


Michelle said...

I think that last colorway looks very summery! But I LOVE the first colorway; those are my feel-good colors. (-:

Laura said...

Call the last one "Rainbow Sherbet", and it will sell... I had one similar that I dyed, called it "Easter Eggs" and it sold at a March show.

It's all in the labeling!!

Anonymous said...

Your yarns are gorgeous! You should have no problem with sales.