Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Well, heck

Hey peoples, Mummy said we haven't been on the interwebs lately because her computer was on the frank (no, sweetie, thats "on the fritz")

Anyhow, she ended up buying a "new-to-her" one. She said that fixing the old one would be like "pouring money down a rat hole"

Maybe she should get Georgie to check out that rat hole ...
- he's pretty good at catching things (Yes, like that baby mouse he brought in Sunday night and let go under the couch?)

Anyhows, we'll be back soon!

Your roving reporter, Gracie


Kwee Cats said...

Gracie, you are ever the beautiful and dutiful, most excellent reporter! We think you need your own news show! Good luck with that new-pooter. Sometimes Mums can have a lot of, ummmm, learning curves to do with those new ones.

Hi George!

Sharon said...

Thanks Gracie :)

Yvonne said...

Ohhhh. I can almost hear the purrs from here!

Leigh said...

Gracie you are so cute! You may not get much from that rat hole, but ask mummy to show you that computer mouse!