Sunday, August 14, 2011

Farm Report

Hi - my name is Vern and I'm feeling a little cranky because The Shepherd and The Food Lady have me all tied up so I can't bash on my brother.

It always makes me nervous when they put me on this leash and tie me up - it either means I'm going to get stuck full of holes by the V.E.T. or shaved naked by somebody with loud clippers.

We know what you mean Vern - the minute that barn door bangs shut, we know we're in for something -

Well, this time it was Dr. Amber - to "stick them full of holes" - and do a "well sheep" visit. Here she's checking out Little Eva's "tum-tum" - hmm - maybe you need to lose a few pounds there Eva...

The V.E.T. came out the same day that I picked up the Mrreows, but I haven't had time to show you the pictures yet.

Don't worry girls - it will all be over soon and you'll get to go back out to the pasture.

Plus we get to look at everyone's fleece - this is Wendy. It is a soft and lustrous fleece.

Don't they just have the cutest little ears?

The Shepherd likes to have Dr. Amber come out and see the sheep when they are not in a "sick or stressful situation" so she knows how they are "supposed" to look.

OK everyone- Dr. Amber has given you a clean bill of health - you are free to go.

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Kathy said...

Good onya! We do the same thing here and it pays for itself. Our V.E.T. is part of Team SheepThrills and is a valued member at that.
And he's there at 3 a.m. when we need him, too.