Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's Caturday!

Hellow everybody! George here with the Caturday Farm Report.

I have been doing a lot of snoopervision of The Shepherd. Every day he loads everything into a big white thing with wheels (that's his work trailer, sweetie) and drives away and doesn't come back until it's almost time for Mummy to come home and feed us dinner.

I heard him tell Mummy that he has been very busy working on some pretty new yards for people. Maybe he'll say it's OK for us to show you some of them next week.

Here is that silly Gracie taking a dust bath. I give her a bath every morning before we have breakfast - I don't know why she has to go out and roll in the dirt. (Mummy here - boy, I don't know why either - they both run outside every day and flop down in the sand - I think their flea medicine might have worn off - they aren't doing it as much since I put new stuff on them last week...)

We gave Mummy a scare last Wednesday - the V.E.T. lady had been here on Tuesday evening - she gave us a "FLV vaccine" - and Mummy said it didn't agree with our systems (or something like that) because we were both under the weather all day. Mummy's eyes were leaking because she thought that we were really sick. Our tails were draggin' - but as the day went by, we got to feeling better and by Thursday morning, our tails were waggin' again.

That's about all I have to say. Mummy has been spending a lot of time on the 'puter and sitting behind that yarn making thingy and not enough time playing with us. She keeps saying "soon, kitties, soon" -- Then she goes off to play music with another lady, and leaves us and The Shepherd to our own devices...When's soon, mummy?


Leigh said...

Woo hoo! I'm back online after 2 weeks of broken network card and no internet! So glad I didn't miss the Caturday report.

Interesting about their reaction to the FLV. Riley just had his last week and it really knocked him down. Katy, it doesn't bother, but Riley had trouble both last year and this. Glad George and Gracie are both okay.

Kwee Cats said...

Some of us it bothered, some of us it did not. Some days, like you guys, we just feel maybe not so good. It's when we don't come bouncing back that our Mumsy worries.

Kathy said...

What a neat post, Tina! So, George is the Roving Reporter at Marietta Shetlands now, eh?
But will he interview the sheep? ;)