Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Shots Around Town

We have just had the best summer - I thought I'd show you around Bellingham a little.

This is one of the murals in town - click on it and biggify it so you can see it better - it is really fun.

This is the old court house that now houses our Museum of History - you can see it from out on the bay - it sits on a ledge over looking the waterfront.

Since I was in a hurry and too lazy to get out of my car, you only get to see part of the building - but it is one of my favorite landmarks in town.

It has a wonderful rotunda on the second floor where they hold concerts - great acoustics -

Unfortunately, the old museum is small and they had to have several locations to house the different areas of interest - so they have built this new museum - just a few blocks away. I think they are going to keep the business offices in the old building.

And of course, my favoritest store down town is our LYS (otherwise known as Local Yarn Store) Northwest Handspun Yarns. Nancy and the gals who work for her are the best. This is where I took my spinning class and where I got the fiber for Sophia's sweater. They have all kinds of cool things through those doors, including their shop cat, Miss Knitty.

Thanks for coming with me while I took a little trip downtown.


Donna said...

Nice town tour- thanks!

Leigh said...

Ooo, I love seeing your town! It's a pretty part of the country anyway, but this makes it more personal.

Kathy said...

What a great idea, Tina! I should take my camera to town to show folks what it's like here too - IF you don't mind me using your idea?

Thanks for thinking of me today.