Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Pretty, Prettier, Prettiest!

The Shepherd was excited about these dwarf hollyhock seeds that he planted. "Ho, hum", I thought - "Hollyhocks - nice - but not very flamboyant"

Boy was I wrong - this was the first bloom to come on a week or so ago - it almost looks fake it is so pretty - like it was made of silk...

He planted them in a bowl of marigolds - aren't they pretty?

Over the week more blooms have opened - I took this picture on Sunday a.m.

I think it is the prettiest!


vlb5757 said...

I haven't seen Holly Hocks in years and years. I remember them from when I was a kid. You just don't see them anywhere anymore. I didn't even know they made a dwarf variety. They are beautiful. Where do you get the seeds?

Nancy K. said...

You've just got to love a man who knows flowers!


I need orange said...

I love hollyhocks.

I've never seen any like yours -- it's gorgeous!

Tell that man we approve of his taste! :-)

Mim said...

Beautiful! I love hollyhocks and have no luck getting them started here. Guess I better try again.