Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fine Looking Fellows

Since they boys didn't get to go to the fair, I thought we'd strut their stuff for you this evening.

This is Cooper - His father is H.B., our HST ram - Cooper needs to find a new home.

He has one of the most unusual fleeces I've seen - the dark is short and crimpy - the white is long and wavy.

He is a really sweet fellow and is taking quickly to the halter training.

And he has splendid horns - They just keep getting wider and wider.

Vern actually is a little darker than this picture, but after shearing, he will be the silvery grey/brown that you can see in the part of his fleece below.

It is soft and crimpy like this all over. Vern will get his own set of girls this fall - coming up in only six short weeks. I can't believe that we are coming up on breeding time.

Does anyone know where the summer has gone?

By the way - anyone in need of some hops?


Leigh said...

Extremely fine looking fellows! Love the fleece on Cooper. Wish we had our fence up, I might could offer him a home.

I would love some hops! Seeds that is. Trouble is I haven't figured out where to put it. I read that the vines can grow as much as 20 feet! That means it would need some place to spread, doesn't it? Does it die back in the winter?

Sharon said...

Cooper's fleece really is curious and of course, I want it. But first I have to skirt the seven fleeces in my garage so I have room for another one. Really, what I want is for a fleece fairy to come in while I'm sleeping and skirt them all for me.

Kathy said...

My sheep love hops - so much so they keep it pretty trimmed if allowed to go near the plants. They are great for fencelines. Maybe you need some between you and the neighbor who was giving you problems with the sheep???
Cooper certainly IS unusual! He'd be worth keeping just to see what he turns out to be. Wish I had more space.

Jimmy said...

that cooper looks so innocent..nice pics..I liked them

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