Saturday, May 09, 2009

A visit from Dr. Amber

Dr. Amber came to visit last week. The Shepherd & I walked out to greet her. I was very polite, (even thought I was a little tired of being on a lead for a while while we waited for her to get here). She thought I was very handsome!

Everyone got shots and had their hooves and eyes and tails checked. The Shepherd was pleased and said that he thought she was "very thorough" and she had such nice things to say about the girls.

Dr. Amber thought my little boys were very cute too. But I heard a rumor that she gave one of them a "hoo-hooectomy" - that could explain why Galloway was walking a little stiff-legged after she left...

Don't look so horrified girls - you know your turn is coming.

It only hurts for a second.

She's gone now, can we go back outside?


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Ouch! Sounds like a painful day. Aren't you glad it's over!

vlb5757 said...

I guess you could say that a good time was NOT had by all. I know the girls are nervous now. Does this happen once a year or more?

Wrensong Farm said...

I sure wish we had a good sheep Vet near me. How lucky you are!! Eesh...nothing worse than a hoo-hooectomy! Better that than the butcher though!!

Kathy said...

HB, be thankful your shepherd takes care of you all so well. We've seen some sheep here in Airy Zona who don't have very good shepherds and are sick or underfed.

I just wish our Shepherdess would let us in the pasture more often. We herd her say she was going to hose us off before we got our blankets like our dad, Skit, has on. I don't know what a "hose" is, but it doesn't sound good to me.