Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gretchen's Fiber Frolic

On April 25, we celebrated our anniversary by taking a drive down I-5 to Monroe to go to the Spring Fiber Frolic at Gretchen's Wool Mill and Quiet Waters Farm.

True to form - there were lambs frolicking in the pastures - coming down to see who was there.

After being used to our itty bitty Shetland lambs - these guys are huge! But very cute!

2009 is the United Nations International Year of Natural Fibers - and one event that is happening is the World's longest scarf competition. Check out the "Keep The Fleece" icon on my sidebar - and read all about it. I really want to put a team together - the event will benefit the Heifer Project - (you couldn't find a more worthy beneficiary)

There were about 8 or 10 people spinning and many looking on - there was much talk about which wheel was best - and much buzz about our friend Doug's litttle pocket wheel.

Sometimes I think I'd like a new wheel - at least one that was easier to carry around than my Ashford Standard.

And the most exciting thing of the day for me was getting to meet Meg Gregory from The Black Sheep Creamery. What a lovely and sweet woman. And if you get a chance to try their soft cheeses, don't pass it up. They are delish.

A friend of Gretchen's was there with this interesting great wheel - it was like having a wheel and a drop spindle mixed into one.

I also want to let you know that I restrained myself and did NOT buy any fiber - but there was lots to look at.

A good time was had by all.


Kathy said...

How neat! It reminds me that I have a small fleece from BSC that Meg sent me to assess and hopefully send her money for. ;) Now if I can just find the Shepherd's samples and a box for you very-belated-Birthday present....if I can only find my ass first! heeheehee

Sharon said...

I wish I could have gone with you. Events like that are so rich.

Tina T-P said...

It was really fun, and so much fun to meet the ladies from other parts of the state too. It was really interesting to talk to each one about why they liked their individual wheels too. :-)

vlb5757 said...

It looked like a good time. How hard was that to resist buying any yarn?? I love my Lendrum but it's still heavy to carry around too often.