Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Pretty in Pink

I just love this time of the year - flowering cherries, plums, almonds, crab apples - they all have PINK blossoms - I especially like this tree in our back yard.

There are many of them in town along the streets and after the hard rain and winds that we have had for the last few days, there will be pink petals all over the place - looking like pink snow drifts.

Years ago when this tree was younger, there was a finch that would sit on the branches and pick off the flower buds one by one. I imagined that he was taking home a bouquet to his wife.

These are wild bleeding hearts - I don't think my domestic plant is blooming yet. The blossoms look like dancing ladies one way or ladies in their bloomers if you turn them upside down.

This adorable little lady was in the Easter basket that my Secret Pal from church dropped off at my office the Friday before Easter. There was a Lily of the Valley in bloom and lots of really good chocolate in the basket too. A Dor A Ble !!! Thank you Secret Pal!

This is the most perfect dogwood blossom. Actually the what we think of as pink petals are actually "bracts" and similar to the poinsettia, the flowers are the tightly closed part in the center, which will open up in a few days.

This lovely pink blossom is on our star magnolia is just a blush of pink. The pinks are rare and hard to find - but really pretty.

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Kathy said...

I never realized how many magnolias there were until I started visiting New many different ones flourish there. The kids have one that has minimal blossoms in their backyard. The blossoms aren't anything to write home about but the shade it gives is incredible.

Thanks for sharing with those of us in the "Blossom Deprived Areas". :)