Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The "Six Things" meme -

I got tagged by Vicki at The Virginia Purl with the latest meme- I am supposed to list six unimportant things that make me happy and then tag six people. I hate having to choose people so, on the honor system, six of my readers have to do this meme (don’t forget to let me know – see #4 below)

1. Last month when all of the Pink cherry trees were in bloom – they line a street on my way to work and when they begin to lose their petals it looks like pink snow everywhere!
2. Lying in bed on a Saturday morning and listening to the birds chirping outside, trying to hear more than robins.
3. The fact that the waitress at one of our Friday night date restaurants remembers us and greets us like old friends.
4. Having someone who is a new reader leave a comment on my blog.
4.1 Having someone who is an old reader leave a comment on my blog
5. Chocolate Orange jellies from Trader Joes.
6. I’m still astounded when after plying yarn on my spinning wheel it looks like “real” yarn and crochets up nice too.

On another topic - I really love three day weekends and this one, I did absolutely nothin' - well, I stayed in bed a bunch to try to beat this darn cold I came down with, and I finished up two "romance novels" - and spun up some Targhee top that I want to use to make a baby sweater with. Now that I'm getting used to it, it is fun to spin - very springy/spongy feeling - and I am plying two different colorways - (the result of buying fiber without a clear purpose then when you go back to get some more, it's gone...) I think they match very well though - I'll have pictures soon. Seein' as how it is Wednesday now, I guess I'd better hit the sack. This week is going fast enough as it is - I still have the newsletter to finish AND payroll. Ick.


vlb5757 said...

Thanks for posting your meme items. I feel the same way about blooming trees as you do. We used to have a pear tree on the side of our house that bloomed the tiniest little white floors. When the wind would blow, it looked like it was snowing. It just gave me such joy. We had to cut down the tree when it split in half and that was a very sad day.

Mim said...

I saw your orange/chocolate candy and had to tell you my friend and I were looking for a treat yesterday after working with her alpacas. She had chocolate icecream and orange soda so we made a float. Excellent flavor combination!

Kathy said...

Now you've reminded me to do MY meme. :)