Sunday, April 06, 2008

Waiting, waiting, waiting

The Waiting - It's driving The Shepherd C R A Z Y!! And me, by default, I guess. Regina is confined to a "jug" tonight (for you "non- sheep" people - that is a smaller pen where the mom can bond with her babies and they are also all safe from any predator or interference from any other sheep - Like an auntie who isn't bred, but has such a strong mommy instinct that she might try to steal one of them - regardless of the fact that there is no milk in her udder - silly old girls) Regina's biggest problem is last year's lamb, Luna, who doesn't like being away from mommy and doesn't understand why she is, all of a sudden getting booted away from her. Life is tough when you're a sheep.

Anyhow - this is who we are waiting for tonight - The Shepherd took this picture yesterday - looks a little on the plump side, no?

So, here are those pictures of our place that I promised you last week - enjoy the visit - & yes, you'll be the first to know when the lambs arrive!

John says that the little blue Glory of the Snow will be taking over here soon - (click on the picture to biggify and you'll see what I mean)

I think this is one of my favorite sights on our farm - it is right inside the gate and it means I am Home! I also am in love with these two Japanese birches - they are beautiful any time of the year.

Coming down our driveway, you would be hard pressed to believe that 12 years ago there was nothing here but the house. (and one scraggly looking rhody)

The Shepherd has planted lots of daffodils - they are so cheerful this time of the year.

The "mounds" are untilled composting mounds. He plants directly in to the mounds - he'll have (from the closest to you) - one row of pumpkins, two rows of sunflowers and two rows of corn. There are also two rows of Japanese iris that are just starting to come up at the very back. It is very colorful around here in the summer!

If you biggify the picture, you'll also see the dafs that he has planted all around the perimeter of the yard.

I'd invite you to come in for tea, but I am not a very good housekeeper so it's kind of a mess right now. Too many fiber projects going at one time, plus my "stuff" - I think I could turn into one of those old ladies who filled their houses with "stuff" Aargh!

Here's the expectant daddy - still looking kind of rangy/mangy from his spring hair cut. Kind of skinny to be holding up that big rack.

Well - Work will be calling way too early in the a.m. and I promised The Shepherd that I would check on Regina before I come to bed.


ms. kitty said...

I really like reading your blog, Tina. Tell the Shepherd hi. And keep telling us about your beautiful sheep, flowers, and friends!

Kathy said...

I am waiting and living vicariously through everyone else's lambs until ours arrive (next week?)
What a nice tour of your place! Melanie was over yesterday, looking at the PG girls and trying some "nurse-stuff" to see if she could discern lambs - we were talking about how both our girls are 30 this year, the good aspects of the age we are now, and that we are both tired of beating our heads against the walls trying to get things to grow here.
So, the walk through your garden did my soul good. Thank you, Dear Friend!

Leigh said...

What a lovely place you have! Seems like spring waiting is a very shepherdy thing to do.

Rascal said...

You have a perfect outside for Cats.