Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Three Beautiful Things Tuesday

Good Golly, Miss Molly - it's the first of April!

Nope - don't get too excited - this picture is two years old. (Dare I say April Fools?)

It it Pearl as a baby - and I looked and looked through my albums to find a current picture of her, but I couldn't find one. She is such a sweet girl. One of The Shepherd's favorites.

She is currently playing "Lady in Waiting" to Gwendolyn the Grumpy. They are ensconced in the front pasture by themselves because Gwen was bashing the three junior girls. Since Pearl is the only one she gets along with, Pearl got the job of being her girlfriend while we wait for Gwen to have her babies. They'd better be spotted! I'll see if I can't catch a picture of them this weekend.

This was last year on April 1st. This little iris is blossom about the size of my thumb. So exotic looking!

It has been so cold this year everything is about two weeks behind what it was last year. The Tulip Festival will have to start without the tulips this year!

This beautiful wall hanging was on the wall in Gretchen's Wool Mill. I didn't get a chance to ask her about the origins of it, but I thought it was very cool!

Hope you had a Happy April 1st and that there were beautiful things coming your way all day long.


Kathy said...

I love it! "Gwendolyn the Grumpy"! Good name for her...I hope being a mom will settle her down a bit. Maybe calling her "Lamb chops" would give her the message to adjust her attitude? LOL!

I stayed home from ISCWest. I'm keeping watch on Amanda, who looks like a tick about to POP! and we still have ten days to go. Oi!

Leigh said...

Lovely choices for three beautiful things. Pretty neat about Pearl. She must be a very sweet sheep.

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