Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cute as a bug -

The celebration banners are out!

Our first company stopped by this afternoon to see the new babies - Paul & Patty and our friends Curtis & Felicity, Anna & Johnny.

The tulips went all out today to welcome our visitors.

Anna Dee is much better - the vet was able to milk her out Thursday night and the boys finsihed the job - they are able to eat normally and her udder is back to normal! Thanks Dr. Mike.

While everyone's attention is on the babies, Jewell checks out Patty's handbag to see if there are any cookies - Sorry Jewell - you'll have to stick with hay.

At just two days old, HB is perky, but very mellow. We had to do a little "poop-otomy" after our guests left - as an only, he is getting a lot of rich milk and his mom hadn't been cleaning him enough, so he had a little case of pasty butt where his new poop sticks to his wool and his tail gets glued shut. Not a pretty sight to be sure. Left uncleaned, it could be very bad for him - a couple of warm, wet paper towels did the trick. He was very good about it too - didn't fuss which would have had Gwennie going for The Shepherd's knee caps!

For a first time mom, Gwennie is being very good and very protective, keeping herself between everyone and HB - can you see the spot right on the top of his head?

Neelix says: "What's the big deal, it's just another one of those vishus sheep!"

Oh, but wait til you see this little guy out in the pasture. He's going to stop traffic on the corner for sure!


Kathy said...

So, tina...what does "HB" stand for? :)

I am soooo envious! :) I think I may breed Skit to Blessa this fall to see if we can get something to come out.

Right now, we're calling unnamed boys: Lamb chops, Leg and Frenched Rib. I sure hope someone needs dark, rich colored rams. (Or else the freezer gets re-stocked!)

Donna said...

Looks like HB is doing well (and is a real looker), and Gwennie is being a good Mom! That's wonderful!